India’s Elections – Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

Politics is strange, and eveyone knows that. Backstabbing, disgracing opponents and inflating self-achievement is common. Therefore, it is the drama of elections that brings out the creative genius of politicians worldwide. As seen in the recent US elections, media around the world simply loved how McCain and Palin dug their grave and Obama came out fluttering like the long-awaited minority hero. But what could you expect after 8 years of the legendary George W. ??


Now, looking eastward we see the drama of the Indian elections unfold. Described as the ‘age of coalitions‘ where no single party dominates the electoral college, multiple parties connive. If abbreviations like U.P.A. and N.D.A. were not enough, this year marks the glorious entry of the ‘Third Front‘ and I hear something about a ‘Fourth Front‘ as well. Something makes me feel that this could turn out to be a good script for a Bollywood thriller – who knows?

Some sanity to the Indian political battlefield was provided by the entry of United Nations veteran Shashi Tharoor. Campaigning from Kerala, Mr. Tharoor’s opponents could simply not control those creative instincts and spat out a gallore of illogical and baseless remarks.


Now comes the best part of this drama. The party in power, or actually the one that has control of the current alliance, the Congress party, decided that its achievements of the past few years may not be enough to win the upcoming elections. So how do they woo the masses? Show them ‘The Economist’ ! What else did you think? Gift giving is not cool, ok? So, what you do, is pick up a publication printed outside India which has an article that talks about all the follies of your political system, but if even a remote line claims you did your job well, voila, there you go – the magic persuassion formula!

Dumbass Congress – the article says, “For this reason, The Economist, if it had a vote, would plump for Mr Singh’s Congress.” Above it, in bold, it says “Better than the alternative” which as a sixth grader would explain, means that you aren’t the best! You’re just the better of the two evils!

Ok, I still support the Congress. Despite their latest persuasive strategy, their achiements cannot be ignored. Ideally Narendra Modi would be my choice PM, but he brings the baggage of the BJP. Which of course is the most disillusioned fanatical yet legal outfit.

Let see if there are any more twists and turns in this drama before we reach the climax.


Other events coded whiskey-tango-foxtrot:


a) Sarah Palin ‘knows’ Russia because she’s from Alaska, and as everyone knows, Alaska is ‘close to Russia’. Take that for foreign policy experience! [link]

b) Mc Cain’s paranoid agenda which included an ambitious call for a ‘League of Democracies.’ Bet hey, we’ll exclude Russia and China from the league, ok? [link 2]

c) The fear that Mayawati may be next Indian Prime Miniter. Then, extortion will be legalized!

d) The ultra-rich independent candidate from Mumbai. (Worth Rs. 622 crore or Rs 6.22 billion)

e) A fascination to see how Obama has fared in ‘the first 100 days.’

f) Arlen Specter jumps from the Republican party to the Democratic party. So what if he was committed to the Republican ideology for the last 30 years? The rationale is, that Democrats have a higher chance of winning state elections. Howzzat?

g) Shoegate. Encore. Yet again.

h) Varun Gandhi

Enough for now.


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Earth Hour

Look around, and watch your world getting destroyed. Or take a stand and make a difference.

Put simply, out planet is dying the death of a million cuts. If each person contributes even in the smallest proportion it can make a difference. It would take an ignorant person to not know by now what I’m referring to.

Global Warming. Despite being ignored for decades, the issue has found public interest in recent years. Amongst many efforts comes Earth Hour – a stand taken up first by the city of Sydney (Australia) in 2007. By switching off their lights for one hour in the evening, 2.2 million homes and businesses in Sydney collectively voiced their concern for our planet.

Moved by their actions, people around the world joined in the next year. In 2008, 50 million people switched off their lights. Global landmarks such as the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, Rome’s Colosseum, the Sydney Opera House and the Coca Cola billboard in Times Square all stood in darkness.

And on March 28, 2009 an estimated 1 billion people took part in Earth Hour. Sitting in my university in Singapore, I watch the lights go off and realised how collective people from different parts of the world were at that instant. Pictures posted at reveal the effect in a series of before-and-after photographs – which (starting with the second one ) fade between “on” and “off” when clicked.


This is the official Earth Hour 2009 video:

To learn more about Global Warming, you can check the following websites:

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Did you know?

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Let me look under your hood

Another comic strip from Fly You Fools, which accurately describes security-checks of cars as they enter building compounds in India.

Ok, its not so bad, but you get the point that most ‘security-checks’ are a joke right?

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A new hope for the genitally challenged

This is the most hilarious comic strip at Fly You Fools – just have a look. The bit that follows will definitely leave you with a smile!

Interesting eh?

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World’s Gloomiest Countires

There’s a long list, but I am stuck here:

No. 28 : Singapore

Source: Business Week

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The Lost Generation

A good message…

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