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Define : Idiot (?)

So what if there are thousands of cases waiting to be heard at the courts? So what if there are endless people waiting for justice? Its much more important for the Supreme Court of India to sit and define who an ‘idiot’ is!

The Supreme Court identified just four kinds of people who could be classified mentally unsound — idiots, the very ill, lunatics and drunks.

“An idiot is one who is of non-sane memory from his birth, by a perpetual infirmity, without lucid intervals: and those are said to be idiots who cannot count 20, or tell the days of the week or who do not know their fathers or mothers or the like,” said the judgement by Justices Arijit Pasayat and M K Sharma. They added that it was for the accused to prove they were idiots or otherwise of unsound mind.

What tops the mere definition, is the last line – which indicates that there must be a clear distinction between an idiot and a person of unsound mind. I cant for the love of God understand what the judicial system is thinking – Law itself is complicated, but lets just complicate things further!!

Question to George W. Bush: Who’s your daddy?? Haha..!!


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Rock On!!!

Wow! This is a refreshing movie -GO WATCH IT!

Rock On is not some indigestible ‘mushy’ crap that’s usually churned out of Bollywood. Its a movie with a simple story line, but brilliant acting, music and direction. Farhan Akhtar as an actor and singer is remarkable. Arjun Rampal looks comfortable being annoyed and sometimes frustrated. Purab Kohli and Luke Kenny have done a remarkable job too. Though I felt that Kenny’s dialogues and acting made him look more a priest than a rock star! Even Prachi Desai, a newcomer, plays a fine supporting role as Akhtar’s better half.

The fact that the vocals have actually been performed by the four lead actors is truly remarkable! Rock On’s songs are a breathe of fresh air when you compare them to most of the nasal (and irritating) movie tracks in the last couple of years, and I actually hope that Farhan Akhtar sings playback in the future.


  • Farhan Akhtar: Aditya Shroff
  • Prachi Desai: Sakshi
  • Arjun Rampal: Joe Mascarenhas
  • Purab Kolhi: KD
  • Luke Kenny: Rob
  • Koel Purie: Devika
  • Shabana Goswami: Debbie
  • Nicholette Bird: Tanya


  • Directed by: Abhishek Kapoor
  • Produced by: Ritesh Sidhwani, Farhan Akhtar
  • Lyrics: Javed Akhtar
  • Music: Shankar Ehsaan Loy
  • Production Design: Shashank Tere
  • Screenplay : Abhishek Kapoor, Pubali Chaudhuri
  • Story : Abhishek Kapoor
  • Dialogues: Farhan Akhtar

Link to official site – click here.

And my favourite song:

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I’m back home in India for a couple of weeks and there are two disturbing facts to think about.

Firstly, despite being a metropolitan, my city does not offer a substantial internet connection. Speaking to my friends who live in my area, I learned that the fastest ‘broadband’ connection I could get was 96Kbps. A thought bubble above my head compared this speed to the 100Mbps connection I use in my university, and it only made me feel a little challenged.

That brings me to my second point. My dependency on the web. No, I’m not a techie or a related functionary. But I depend heavily on the web for news and knowledge. Google and Wikipedia are my lifelines. News from across the globe is inaccessible without the web.

(I don’t really trust news channels – especially some Indian broadcasters who find time to air comic shows rather than informing people about the impeachment procedures in Pakistan’s National Assembly, or Russia’s invasion of Georgia, or that India finally won an individual gold at the Olympics.)

Such dependency on the web is something I need to think about.

I hope Musharraf got whip lashed! Darn the net.

PS: I’ve succumbed to using a cyber cafe.

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